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Thomas Smith CPA, PLLC specializes in a wide range of professional services, customized for individuals and businesses alike. We meet the specific requirements of every client, thanks to a team of highly experienced experts. Below is a list of the services we provide in brief, and we can help with a lot more. Just call us, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

IRS Representation Service in Raleigh

IRS representation

Most businesses have a tough time in discussing things with IRS. With our IRS representation, you can be assured of working smoothly with the tax authorities. We have the extensive experience of working with both state and federal agencies and will represent you in a professional manner. We have a history of success with "Offer in Compromise" situations? We can help you in dealing with IRS notices and other government notices. We will talk to the IRS on your behalf and will answer their questions, so that you can focus on Your business!

Best Tax Preparation in Raleigh

Tax Preparation

Most clients, businesses, and individuals, have confusion and questions related to tax planning and preparation. They often miss ways and strategies that may help in reducing their tax liabilities. At the same time, they also forget to address their current and future financial goals that can be impacted by decisions. As your Small Business CPA in Raleigh, we will work to ensure you pay only the taxes you owe.

Tax Preparation for Small Businesses in Raleigh


As an entrepreneur, you have endless things to consider, and we understand that. With our services, you don’t have to deal with payroll worries anymore. Processing the payroll is a time-consuming job, and we will help in managing the task, including the changes in overall laws, documenting the transactions, managing the taxes and other deductions, and much more.

Bookkeeping Raleigh Durham

Bookkeeping/Write Up

Well, bookkeeping is a constant concern for most businesses, and we know that it can be cumbersome at times. Thomas Smith CPA, PLLC and its experienced team can help you with the regular tasks, so that you can focus on daily business activities. We will also ensure that the records are maintained as needed, and you will always have access, as needed.

Best Accounting Firms in Raleigh Durham

Quickbooks Consulting

QuickBooks is the go-to choice for many small businesses accounting records, but what they often miss is the support. With our QuickBooks support services, you can work on your accounting needs without paying a massive price. Our team can help installation, set up and training.The set up is key to minimizing the cost of your tax preparation.

Business Setup and Consulting Raleigh

Business Setup and Consulting

Many startups ignore the need for Business Consulting, which is often a grave mistake they realize later. It is all about having a team of financial experts, who are around to ask questions and suggest the right path, not just for planning the basics but also for effective execution. We work with clients in a personal way and help them with their concerns related to cost reduction, productivity concerns and the whole process of implementing new systems, technologies and accounting standards.

New Business Savvy CPA Raleigh Durham

Business Entity Solution

Wondering what kind of entity will help your business with taxes and other liabilities? We can help you in making these initial decisions, which often have a long term impact.

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