Business Tools

Business Tools

Tax preparation and accounting can be confusing. You have to consider a lot of aspects, especially with regards to deductions and IRS, and at Thomas Smith CPA, PLLC, we are committed to helping. Ideally, every business should hire a CPA for major tax and accounting tasks. This will not only ensure transparency in your books and tax filings, but will also minimize a lot of the common errors.

Besides helping our clients directly with taxes, we are committed to simplifying business for you. Below are the 5 most productive tools, in our opinion, for general business needs that are easy to use, free, and effective at the same time.


If your enterprise works in a global environment, you will need Dropbox for sure. With free 2 GB of free storage, you can access and sync files easily and can share information as required. While there are other options in the same genre, Dropbox is known to be a reliable option. You can work on accounting files and keep all documents in check.

Google Hangouts

If you have a team that works across different cities, Hangouts is one of the simplest ways to stay connected. You can find all sorts of options to share files, and Google is known to add new features. Since they have replaced Google Talk with Hangouts, you can only expect more features and premium things in days to come.


Appointlet is basically a fun app that allows you to schedule appointments. You can confirm, cancel and reschedule any appointment on the Google Calendar. It is free to use, but Appointlet does have a few premium plans, with better features. If you don’t mind paying around $10 per month, you can get features like payment processing, better tech support, and branding assistance.


We love this app, which is more like a collaboration tool, which allows you to organize your projects in a way that the whole team knows the process. There are listings, cards, and boards that can be created using this app, making it an app choice for smaller businesses and startups. There are no hidden costs – Trello is free for all users.


Have too many passwords? This is the free password manager that you will need. KeePass is amazing because it allows you to save everything, with just one master password. It uses AES and Twofish to keep your data secure. No more keeping notes for passwords!

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