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Thomas Smith CPA, PLLC helped us through our tax situation. It was initially overwhelming but they broke it into small pieces that we could handle. They’re great to work with. We couldn’t be happier.

As a Real Estate Investor, I’ve been told from the 80’s that you should surround yourself with like-minded individuals. In addition, that those that you hire to work with you in your business, should too, be in that business. Thomas Smith is one of the smartest individuals as a Business Man; Investor and as a CPA, that I have been working with for over 15 years. His personal and business character, integrity, insight and professionalism is impeccable. No, he does not walk on water, however, I’ve learned and grown both personally and professionally as result of his team. He and his Team will be a true Asset to you and your Team’s growth, without debate.


Thomas Smith CPA, PLLC. helped me through a tax implication I had with the IRS and NC Department of Revenue this year and saved me over $34,000 in interest and penalties!!! Thomas took my case on and had it totally resolved to my satisfaction with both the IRS and NC Department of Revenue within a 45 Day Period. What a relief it was to have a CPA that knew what he was doing and also made me feel comfortable through the complete process! Thomas’s professionalism, integrity and attention to detail was TRULY AMAZING!!! If you are looking for an accountant that you can Trust for your personal or business needs, I highly recommend you hire Thomas Smith CPA PLLC. What a Blessing this Man has been to Me this Year!!!

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